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Better sleep for better health


Oshroom Sleep Clinic

Home sleep testing

Detection can be carried out at home
Combined with ICT and AI technology
Providing overnight sleep analysis report

Medical images assessment

Computed Tomography and Cephalometric x-ray / Attending doctor Evaluation

AI Data Analytics

Providing customized treatment plan base on big data.

3-6 months treatment course

Feel improvement in a short time

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OSAWELL Sleep Clinic


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What is OSAWELL Sleep Clinic?

OSAWELL Sleep Clinic is a professional clinic for the patients who have sleep apnea. OSAWELL certified physicians and consultants will help you diagnose the cause of symptoms through one-on-one interviews, then provide the patented non-invasive physical therapy program with the goal of restoring the body's self-healing function to you.

Through the US FDA-approved AI home sleep test device, AI OSA correctors and physical self-healing training, we will work with you to regain an energetic quality of life.

What’s the difference between OSA AI corrector and other traditional treatments?

The concept of OSA AI corrector is to provide an intermittent strength slightly, assisting muscle training and breathing. Through customized 3D precise technology, OSA AI corrector is designed for each patient. Compared with traditional surgery or CPAC, it neither have discomfort caused by invasive treatment and postoperative recovery, nor need to be equipped with accessories such as masks, nasal pillow, tube, motor, humidifier, etc. It’s simple to use and easy to clean.

How long will I get improved?

The OSAWELL treatment is customized for every patient. Most patients can feel significant improvement after wearing the OSA AI corrector for 1 month. The overall course of treatment is about 3 to 6 months.

Will I get rid of snoring permanently after the OSAWELL treatment?

OSA AI corrector can effectively help you breathe easier during sleep. The snoring will also be significantly improved after the airway is unblocked, but it still varies with the individual's sleep status on the day.

Will I feel uncomfortable when I’m wearing the OSA AI Corrector?

OSA AI correctors have a good fit with your teeth. In the first stage of wearing, you might feel a little tight. It normally takes a few days to adapt. It won’t cause any inconvenience to daily life.

Do I need to wear the OSA AI Corrector permanently?

The OSA AI corrector can improve your obstructive sleep apnea problem through customized and precise design. After your symptoms are improved, you can decide the wearing time and frequency by yourself.

The most important thing in your OSAWELL treatment is OSAWELL self-healing training. OSAWELL team will work with you to rebuild the body's self-healing ability and move toward the goal of a healthy life that doesn’t depend on surgery, equipment and device!

Will I see any immediate results from medical imaging examination at the day I receive the OSA AI Corrector?

The purpose of the medical examination at the day of clinical try-in is to confirm the corrector is placed in right position.

In addition to wearing the OSA AI corrector, you also need to work together with your self-training! The medical image will show significant difference generally after 3 months of training.

Who is unsuitable for OSAWELL?

OSAWELL Sleep Clinic is suitable for all patients from severe OSA to mild snoring, but if you have the contraindication & caution are described below: It’s recommended to make an appointment for consultation after completing the treatment!

  • Full edentulous
  • Having orthodontic treatment (within a year)
  • Severe Periodontitis
  • TMJ disorder
  • Having restorative dental treatment or implant surgery
  • Severe tonsil hypertrophy

From consultation, diagnosis, treatment plan to regular follow-up,
all procedures are carried out by an OSAWELL certified physician.
Enables you to move towards a comfortable and full of energy every day!